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Our Mission

We are a people, and a family-oriented center. We strive to maintain a Godly and Quality childcare center. You are welcome to drop in and spend time with us at any time. The owners are Fredrick & Nelda Shavers, there is an on-site Director at the center who welcomes your ideas and comments of the center. She can be reached at the center. In order to make your child’s day as rewarding as possible it is important that you understand the center and our beliefs. All we ask is that you do not disturb our classes. Early childhood education is very important to us. We look forward to working with your family to provide a healthy and secure educational and social foundation for your child (ren).

Philosophy & Goal

We strive to create the best learning atmosphere possible, and we are dedicated to our children. Each child has their own desires and needs, and they should be dealt with individually. We provide a healthy, safe, and clean environment for the growth and development of each child. So that they may excel to their highest potential, we believe that every child should have an atmosphere that will contribute to a child’s skills in the following areas: social, psychological, physical, emotional, creativity, self-help, and motor skills. The program is designed for all children to grow, including those with disabilities and special learning and development needs. Children learn best Insafe environments, while they are being cared for. Children can enjoy being creative, while exploring their learning environment with other children and adults.


Curriculum Goals


We intend to build a foundation for future skills in reading, writing, and math. We have selected investigators club as our curriculum for our infants, toddlers, and preschool children. We have selected Kids litz curriculum for our school age children. We provide opportunities for children to develop independence and self-control which also builds pride and self-confidence. We believe children are important and unique little people entitled to grow and develop at an individual rate according to each child’s individual patterns and timing for growth. We also believe that parents are the most important people in a child’s life. We believe in children. They are our hopes and dreams. We love and for them not because we should, but because we love doing it. Our staff has been carefully selected and all of them attend continuous education in childhood development to stay alert to the needs of today’s ever-changing families.


Open Door Policy


Parents are welcome at the center at any time. We celebrate various activities throughout the year. We encourage parents to come and participate in any center activity that All My Children Child Development LLC maybe having. Please see the center engagements board in the lobby for gentle reminders of upcoming events.

Our Staff


Our staff is here to assist your child in making their stay enjoyable, Questions pertaining to the facility can be directed to the management of the Childcare Center Director or owners Fredrick and Nelda Shavers. All staff are trained and have extensive knowledge in Early Childhood and specific training in developmentally appropriate practices related to the age of the children they provide care for. They also are trained in CPR/First Aid for infants, children, and adults.


Goal and Objectives


It is our goal to serve each child and their families with the highest quality of caregiving and opportunities for parent involvement. We can direct parents to qualified counselors for any mental, social, spiritual, and physical growth that they might need to help them to succeed in life.




Open enrollment priority is given to siblings of children currently attending the childcare facility for the following year begins in August. However, enrollment is based on availability. There may be a waiting list. Parents will be notified, when availability becomes open. Our school welcomes students without regard to their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, ability, gender, or family structure. In order to apply please see the management staff or Director for an Interest form or an enrollment application.

Kids in Preschool

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